Get more likes on SoundCloud

Purchasing likes on SoundCloud

Are you planning to quit your music career just because you don’t have a good amount of likes on your music videos and albums?

Likes are equally important for a musician if compared to views and followers. Notice how you get motivated when there are more likes on your songs. It’s just that those thumbs-ups help to increase the dopamine level, which contributes to a happy mind.

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Although, likes are subjected to the quality of content you publish. Listeners will never tap on that button until you have touched their hearts through your song. In short, it is nearly impossible for a beginner-level musical artist to get the required likes on every single album released every given time.

But hey, we live in the 21st century, and nothing is impossible when it comes to technology. Well, there is a shortcut to get likes without struggle. Yes, now anyone can buy soundcloud likes.

Is buying SoundCloud likes legal

According to Soundcloud itself, if an artist tries to increase his or her like by purchasing them from any other source or platform, then they are subjected to breaking laws, terms, and condition of SoundCloud.

They have clearly mentioned that those who have increased their likes through an unlawful can face a lifetime ban of their official account. And there are possibilities that you may not be able to get logged in from that device.

Hold on a second, did you actually question how determines whether you have purchased likes or not.

The software developers have developed many advanced detectors which can detect whether a user is buying likes or not. These detectors work automatically and do not need human support in any given scenario.

But here is the twist, we ensure and guarantee you the safety of your official SoundCloud account. If you still don’t trust us, the upcoming lines are for you.

Surety of not getting banned in SoundCloud

In the course of time, our developers have secretly studied the working of these SoundCloud detectors. After which, our professionals were able to create a protocol that restricts these detectors to detect your likes.

To get your hopes up, our platforms indirectly cheat the system of SoundCloud. But how?

Simple, the protocols developed by us are smart and intelligent to tackle and destroy the working of these detectors. So, now buy SoundCloud likes without the tension of getting banned from the platform.


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